Skin Glowing and Renewal

Glowing skin is the most reliable indicator of skin health. Glow radiates and highlights the face, whereas dull skin makes the face look tired.

The factors that cause a face to lose its glow can be, excessive exposure to the sun, ageing, dehydration and the use of inappropriate facial care products.

MEY OF SWITZERLAND created 2 products for glowing, hydrating and revitalising the dull, toneless and tired skin.



Reinforced-formula booster. It boosts facial skin radiance, by offering its rejuvenating, moisturising and antioxidant properties. Rich in selected berry extracts with powerful antioxidant properties (Raspberry, Maqui berry, Goji berry, Acai berry), that brighten the skin and promote cellular regeneration. The presence of Chaga mushroom extract, allantoin, hyaluronic acid and Kale extract enhance the composition with their moisturising and brightening properties.


Moisturising cream that leaves the skin feeling energised, plumped, looking revitalised and more soothed for an instant healthy glow. It contains Mediterranean fig stem cell formulation that fight stress overload to recover the skin vitality, a super-powered ultra-stable form of Vitamin C, for better-looking skin tone, hydrolysed lupine protein formulation that enhances radiance and skin luminosity by favouring skin oxygenation, skin renewal and smoothes skin microrelief and spirulina extract (Arthrospira maxima) formulation which has a replumping / tonifying activity and improves hydration.