Treatment of discolorations after summer

Sun exposure is considered to be the most important factor of skin discolorations, which are created by the increased production and concentration of melanin in the skin or in its deeper layers. This explains their increased appearance following the summer months.

The use of sunscreen products with a high sun protection factor, as well as avoiding the sun during the hours of maximum risk, are essential to prevent the appearance of discolorations. Nevertheless, once discolorations appear, they should be treated immediately.

The term discoloration includes any hyperpigmentation of the skin with a color that can vary from light to dark brown, depending on the depth of the lesion.

MEY OF SWITZERLAND recommends MEY CRÈME ECLAIRCISSANTE CELLULAIRE face and body whitening cream 50 ml.


MEY Crème Eclaircissante Cellulaire 50ml acts on the deepest layers of the skin, prevents the formation of freckles and spots, while at the same time it helps fade existing ones. It contains a complex of active ingredients (α-arbutin and sucrose dilaurate – pea extract), which has been proven to prevent melanin production thus promoting skin whitening. It also contains hyaluronic acid which renews the skin and reduces wrinkles and cocoa butter which has emollient and antioxidant properties that fight free radicals and the formation of spots. With the daily use of MEY Crème Eclaircissante Cellulaire you will restore and maintain your radiant and healthy skin.

It can be used alone or in combination with other active substances (and pharmaceuticals) to treat and improve skin discolorations, upon the recommendation of a dermatologist or other health professional.