Daily hair care instructions from MEY OF SWITZERLAND

Shiny and healthy-looking hair is important for a well-groomed look. Due to the intense way of life and the atmosphere of the big cities, they need daily care and treatment. The right shampoo, according to your hair type will nourish and moisturise your scalp and hair appropriately.

MEY OF SWITZERLAND suggests care products for every occasion. MEYRIN shampoo 200ml, for toning weak hair, EPICRIN shampoo 200ml, for reducing hair loss and the line MEY COMPLETE REPAIR shampoo 200ml & DETANGLING balm 200ml, for treatment of dry hair and hair that has been chemically treated and damaged scalp.


Its main ingredient is a Zinc complex, which is completely absorbed by the body, inhibits the mechanism of causing inflammatory processes in the scalp and regulates secretion of sebum. Millet extract in rich in mineral salts, while Cystine effectively nourishes the hair follicle. Finally, the combination of the panthenol and wheat germ oil components contributes to its antioxidant and regenerative action for the formation of new cells.




MEYRIN SHAMPOO product has been specially developed for use on weak hair and in cases of hair loss. Contains mild cleansing agents, natural moisturising agents (fructose, glucose, sucrose, urea, alanine, etc.), Panthenol (pro-vitamin B5), a unique complex of trace elements (Sodium, Magnesium, Manganese) and Hair-gro complex (combination of matrikine, apigenin and olive leaf extract). This combination stimulates cellular metabolism and cell growth, while restoring the microcirculation of the scalp and extending the life cycle of the hair follicle. Its gentle composition and neutral pH make it an ideal shampoo for daily use.


Gentle daily shampoo and detangling balm that contain a complex of active ingredients that helps keep hair hydrated, strengthened and restructured, minimising breakage and improving their shine. Castor oil helps rebuild and smooth hair, betaine nourishes hair and scalp and adds volume and low molecular weight amino acids penetrate into the hair bark, strengthening its structure. Pracaxi and Macadamia oils, panthenol and glycerin hydrate and deeply nourish the hair, improving its appearance.