Tired face: 4 products to rejuvenate the skin

It is a fact that summer is a period of rest and relaxation for the mind and body. Unfortunately, this is not the case for our skin, which suffers and becomes dehydrated. Factors such as high temperature, intense sweating, exposure to the hot sun, combined with fatigue and lack of sleep bring us face to face with the tired face phenomenon…

Is your skin losing its glow, becoming dull, without energy and firmness?

Don’t despair! Here we have for you some beauty tips for skin care as well as suitable products to use, that rejuvenate, restore lost energy and shine, smooth and tighten the skin!!!

Steps for a rejuvenated and revitalised skin this summer:

  • Balanced nutrition

The deepest hydration starts from within! Your diet in the summer should be complete and balanced and include foods from all categories. Especially for skin health, remember to eat more fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C and antioxidants and olive oil that contains vitamin E. IVYBEARS® VIBRANT SKIN are great-tasting gummy bears, scientifically formulated with a complex of vitamins designed to hydrate and make your skin look younger. Enriched with hyaluronic acid and collagen to provide the skin with a highly effective combination of selected nutrients to renew collagen structures from inside out!

  • Increased water intake
  • Daily skin hydration



It is a revitalising treatment containing ceramides (identical to the skin), which promote the transport of non-ROS Oxygen to the deeper layers of the skin, provide hydration and reduce the volume and depth of wrinkles, resulting in improved skin appearance.

Apply it 1-2 times a week on a dry and clean face. Ideal for young ages. Its foamy bubbles will oxygenate the skin leaving it super shiny! Try it!


The company’s next mask is a unique product, also ideal for the most mature ages. It contains an innovative complex of active ingredients that stimulates the lipolysis process, tightens the skin and redefines the contour of the face. Vitamin B3, the combination of Hibiscus Sabdariffa flower extract and salicylic acid, enhance the cell renewal process, improving skin brightness, while Calendula Officinalis extract offers soothing, softening and moisturizing properties.

Apply a thin and even layer to a completely clean face and neck, once or twice a week, morning or night, and watch your skin glow!


Whichever of the two masks you choose to use, don’t forget to apply vitamin C toning lotion right after! If you’re not already using a vitamin C product, now is the perfect time to add it to your regimen! Vitamin C not only protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun, it can also repair skin damage that has resulted from solar radiation. MEY VITAMIN C FACIAL TONER cools, brightens and hydrates the skin thanks to its active ingredients: Vitamin C and orange essential oil thus preventing skin pigmentation, promoting collagen synthesis and reducing fine lines, increasing the skin’s radiance and elasticity. Melissa officinalis extract and barley extract protect against the harmful action of free radicals and UV radiation. The composition is enhanced with an extract of white tea leaves (Camellia sinensis) and of course the well-known Aloe Vera.


Last but not least, a very important step in order to “lock in” the moisture and hydration that we just offered our skin, is MEY VITAMIN A + AHA CREAM.

AHAs and vitamin A are now an integral part of our skincare and could not be missing from our daily care cream! Vitamin A improves the appearance of dry and damaged skin by reducing flaking and replenishing its elasticity. α-Hydroxy acids (glycolic and lactic acid) stimulate the skin’s natural exfoliation process. The skin is renewed, while dry lines and fine wrinkles are reduced. In addition, MEY VITAMIN A + AHA CREAM offers the softening properties of plant extracts (heliotrope and chamomile) and glycyrrhetinic acid, the moisturising properties of a mixture of Natural Moisturising Factors.

Apply morning and evening, on a clean face (avoiding the eye area) and neck, gently massaging until fully absorbed and see your skin softer than ever! We never forget sun protection during the day!

Extra tips!!!

Face masks become much more enjoyable when you spread them on your skin when they are cool. In addition, due to their low temperature, they decongest the area they enter and reduce swelling! Place them in the fridge!


Extra tips!!!

Οι μάσκες προσώπου γίνονται πολύ πιο απολαυστικές όταν τις απλώνεις στην επιδερμίδα σου και είναι δροσερές. Επιπλέον, λόγω θερμοκρασίας αποσυμφορούν  την περιοχή στην οποία μπαίνουν και μειώνουν τα πρηξίματα! Τοποθέτησέ τις στο ψυγείο!