Tips for Skin Oxygenation by Mey of Switzerland

A glowing skin makes us feel good about ourselves. The more we take care of it, the better we feel overall. Nothing in this world can help us achieve the desired radiant skin overnight. But we can definitely try. An Oxygen face treatment is definitely a very good step towards the glowing skin we dream of. Supplying Oxygen on our skin is the best we can do, not only to rejuvenate it, but also to reverse the signs of ageing and make it shine!

Oxygenation of the skin:

  • Promotes collagen production
  • Increases nutrient transport
  • Increases cell regeneration
  • Moisturises instantly
  • Gives shine
  • Soothes the symptoms of acne
  • Corrects discolorations and gives a uniform tone to the skin

It is suitable for application even on very sensitive skin, as it does not cause irritation.

MEY SPARKLING O2 MASK by MEY OF SWITZERLAND moisturises and rejuvenates the skin of all ages.


MEY SPARKLING O2 MASK is a rejuvenating treatment containing ceramides (identical to the skin’s ceramides), which promote the transport of non-ROS oxygen to the deeper layers of the skin, provide hydration and reduce the volume and depth of wrinkles, thereby improving appearance of the skin. A combination of ingredients (non-ROS) enhances skin oxygenation, while promoting collagen production in fibroblasts. In addition, the champagne extract, due to the polyphenolic antioxidants it contains, reduces inflammation and protects the skin from free radicals. The skin immediately looks brighter and refreshed.