Targeted antiageing solutions for enhanced summer care

Summer has already made its appearance and the needs of our skin are changing dramatically. Moisturising and caring for our skin is now more necessary than ever! Especially for mature skins, what they definitely need is more hydration, protection and all the beneficial active ingredients for a firm, wrinkle-free skin. Antiageing in the summer, as well as the application of similar products, is not something that should scare us, on the contrary, it is necessary both to reduce and to slow down the appearance of wrinkles.



In the hot summer months, we avoid using our anti-wrinkle cream as a moisturiser in the morning and prefer to apply it in the evening. MEY ULTIMATE NIGHT CREAM is the ideal night cream for nourishment, recovery of lost density, shine and smoothing of wrinkles. The technologically refined formula contains shea butter for hydration, a matrikine formulation with visible anti-wrinkle action, improving skin tone and elasticity, a biomimetic peptide (Progerin modulator) of wrinkles and skin relaxation, an innovative herbal active ingredient that helps in renewing the elasticity of the skin, a mixture of plant stem cells and tripeptides, which reduces the production of free radicals and promotes the synthesis of new collagen, raspberry stem cell extract with strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and tomato stem cell extract that gives radiance and brightness to the skin, protecting it from pollution, free radicals and ageing.

Apply every night on well-cleansed skin, on the face and neck, making gentle upward movements and wake up with a soft and smooth face!


The area around the eyes is extremely sensitive and thinner than the rest of the face. So, it is important to give it special care and not to neglect it, especially in the summer months! MEY ULTIMATE EYE CREAM is an anti-ageing eye cream, rich in ingredients that correct imperfections and improve the appearance of the area around the eyes, without irritating it. Contains composition with matrikines, peptides, mixture of oak leaves and green tea, guarana seed extract, biomimetic peptide (Progerin modulator), horse chestnut seed extract and jasmine cell extract with anti-ageing, firming and protective action against damage caused by UV, IR radiation and blue light.

For fast results, apply regularly 1-2 times a day after cleansing the skin and gently massage until fully absorbed and see your look change!

Extra Beauty Tip: Especially now in the summer, be sure to place the eye cream in the refrigerator, since the low temperature reduces swelling under the eyes, while giving a cooling sensation to the skin! If we want to protect the area around our eyes even more, we should always combine our eye cream with our sunscreen. Of course, we should never forget sunglasses with UV protection as well as a hat!