Little secrets of great importance for a perfectly hydrated body

Usually, women are thorough with the hydration of their face, but lag behind in the proper care of their body. The skin of our body also has its needs for hydration, as it is low in lipids and is devoid of sebaceous glands. These needs intensify during the summer months, due to sunlight, the sea, the heat and consequent sweating.

Therefore, we often end up with dry and damaged skin, especially in more sensitive areas, such as the elbows, knees and heels.

You may have heard it hundreds of times, but water consumption is the simplest and most important measure to combat dehydration. After all, how can we wait for our skin to look hydrated, while our body is dehydrated? Apart from water, we can definitely enhance our hydration, through fruit and vegetable consumption.

Another simple but valuable tip is to visit our beautician often, especially during the summer. Of course, we can make homemade beauty masks, to ensure that the moisture in our skin is in sufficient quantities.

In order for our skin to remain soft and radiant, we must treat it often, if not daily with the right products. Our creams must be rich in moisturising ingredients and penetrate into the deeper layers of our skin, for a more complete treatment.


The proposal of the cosmetics company Dekaz to stay properly hydrated this summer, is the intensive moisturising body cream MEY CREAM UREA 15%.






MEY CREAM UREA 15% intensive moisturizing body cream contains 15% urea, which is known to provide high moisturising action, as it retains multiple amounts of its weight in water. In fact, urea is one of the components of our skin, which is found in the upper layers of the skin. Therefore, it is a natural hydrophilic component of the skin, which seals moisture.

Urea is a great ally against psoriasis, while thanks to its keratolytic action, it removes scales, restoring the elasticity of the skin.


Cleopatra was well aware of the secrets of perfectly hydrated skin, as she often enjoyed her bath in milk. Milk is rich in lactic acid, which fights hyperkeratosis. Thus, the skin ceases to be dull and hard, as its cell renewal is enhanced. MEY CREAM UREA 15% body cream has lactic acid as its main ingredient.


To the valuable ingredients of MEY CREAM UREA 15% intensive moisturising body cream, we must add Panthenol which soothes and deeply cares for the skin, as well as a-Bisabolol, which is the active ingredient of chamomile and offers anti-irritant and soothing properties.


Get rid of the rough and dehydrated parts of your body, enjoying the caring properties of urea from the very first applications, thanks to the intensive moisturising body cream MEY CREAM UREA 15%.