Hydration during the summer with bauty masks

The summer sun is beneficial for our mental health, but our skin is in dire need of hydration, which is the foundation for healthy and glowing skin. Our body loses a lot of moisture during the summer months thus, it is essential to provide intensive hydration. There is no specific way to get the desired result, but it is important to have a combination of habits in everyday life.

In general, it is recommended that we drink 10-12 glasses of water and increase our fruit intake to keep our bodies hydrated throughout the day. Apart from that, we need to follow a cleansing and moisturising ritual at night before bed.

Tip: You can use masks with moisturising ingredients for the skin.

MEY OF SWITZERLAND recommends MEY SPARKLING O2 MASK for instant facial rejuvenation and hydration.


MEY SPARKLING O2 MASK is a revitalising treatment containing ceramides (identical to the skin), which promote the transport of non-ROS Oxygen to the deeper layers of the skin, provide hydration and reduce the volume and depth of wrinkles, resulting in improved skin appearance. A combination of ingredients (non-ROS) enhances skin oxygenation, while simultaneously promoting collagen production in fibroblasts. In addition, champagne extract, due to the polyphenolic antioxidant components it contains, reduces inflammation and protects the skin from free radicals. The skin immediately looks brighter and rejuvenated.